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Introducing Mine Youth Beechwood Bats

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We are proud to announce we are now carrying Mine Beech Wood Bats to our current inventory! Mine Bats produces top of the line bats produced from beech wood in Italy.

Why Beech Wood?

Beech wood is more elastic, dense, and durable. And while a youth will not be hitting at quite the speed of a professional, the challenge in producing a wood bat for little league players has been creating a true Drop 10 and Drop 7 bat. (The drop is the amount of ounces dropped from the total length. 

Most youth bat manufacturers have only been able to produce a Drop 5 bat which drops bat length to 27-28" bat between 22-23 manageable ounces. As a result, players are left to settle for an aluminum bat with a length and width ratio that is more ideal. 

Why does it matter?

While the beech wood requires a faster pitch in order for the trampoline effect to activated in the bat, the wood bat will help develop a better swing with an aluminum bat for younger players.

The development of a true drop 7 and drop 10 bat by Mine makes it possible for younger players to get good at swinging a wood bat, so that they can be more prepared for an older league that offers wood bats as an option, especially since concerns over the safety of aluminum bats continues to develop.

Read a full review of Mine Jesolo and Rimini youth bats at Just Bat Reviews.

Click here for Mine Jesolo in our store. Click here for the Rimini model.

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