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If you own a batting cage, sporting goods store or any business with a focus on softball or baseball, we invite you to contact us to explore offering the RBI Pro Swing for sale at your business. Batting cages are the perfect outlet for our hitting training aids. Softball and baseball hitters are at the batters cage to improve their power and consistency, and that is exactly what the RBI Pro Swing does.

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Why Become an RBI Pro Swing Dealer?

The patented RBI Pro Swing is a great addition to your baseball or softball-oriented retail business. By becoming a dealer, you can purchase RBI Pro Swings by the case at wholesale pricing. Your customers will love the RBI Pro Swing because of the instant swing feedback it gives them.

What is an RBI Pro Swing?


Learn a More Compact Swing - Develop Quick Hands - Generate More Hitting Power
Develops Muscle Memory - Groove Inside Swing Path - Get Immediate Feedback

Rusty Greer, career .305 hitter, knows, "The best way to improve your swing is with the RBI ProSwing."

This is a hitting aid designed for all ages and all genders alike. It is designed to assist you with hand speed when swinging the bat. The RBI Pro Swing will teach everyone the proper hitting technique and hand position during the impact point of the swing.

The RBI Pro Swing began as an idea when a father determined to help his son with his swing. Over the years and the many coaches, there was one central theme emphasized to all the youngsters when approaching the plate. "Quick hands, quick hands!" Everyone in baseball can agree on this one idea through all levels. Thus the RBI Pro Swing was born.



Good Swing vs. Bad Swing

The RBI ProSwing provides players with instant audio feedback each and every time they swing the bat, so they immediately know whether they are swinging correctly. The patented throttle valve in the RBI ProSwing releases the shot as energy is released through the swing. A bad swing begins releasing the shot early, giving the swing a long "SWOOOOOOSH" throughout the swing. A good swing releases the show later in the swing at the moment of impact with the ball, with a short "SWISH" sound. This instant audio feedbacks helps players:

  • Develop muscle memory of a proper swing
  • Train themselves in a short, inside swing path
  • Gain more confidence as the RBI ProSwing give positive reinforcement
  • Develop better bat control
  • Hit with more power



With its dual purpose of a swing trainer and on deck weight, there is no better tool for getting loose in the on deck circle while you continue to train yourself just before stepping into the batter's box.

If you want immediate feedback on your swing path, the RBI Pro Swing is the best tool I have used.

Rusty Greer
Texas Rangers Hall of Fame
Career .305 Hitter



I have been involved in baseball for many, many years, as a former professional player with the New York Yankee organization, and coach of youth, high school, and college baseball. And after producing a complete hitting program titled The Super 8 Hitting System, which has been very well received throughout the country, and around the world, it has been proven to me there are many ways that people learn baseball skills:

First: Words (what we hear)
Second: Visual (seeing examples of correct skills)
Third: Getting the feeling for the correct action. (This is most important). The RBI Pro Swing does exactly this. It helps the hitter get the feeling for the right action and gain an understanding of the best technique for hitting a baseball.

The best teaching products in baseball are those that not only teach the hitter proper mechanics, but they also teach how to build the habit of getting it right.

There is an old saying, "Practice makes perfect." But practice doesnt always make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Therefore, imperfect practice will never be productive practice. The RBI Pro Swing guides the hitter to develop the perfect stroke. It helps him get the feeling for the proper action and produce perfect practice. The RBI Pro Swing therefore becomes a good friend, always there to be used over and over again to build good habits.

I recommend having a hitting practice schedule that includes the RBI Pro Swing on a regular basis, knowing that using it properly will improve hitting by getting the feeling for the proper stroke, and developing good habits by using it repeatedly.

Joe Brockhoff
Tulane University Hall of Fame Coach



The RBI Pro Swing is a valuable tool for any hitter at any level, the RBI Pro Swing gives immediate feedback if your swing is taking the correct path to the ball and also give you feedback when the swing is improper. You can use this device in your overload training also as it will give you the feel you need to improve bat speed and angle to the ball. I would recommend this product to any player at any level."

Dave Hudgens
Hitting Coach for the New York Mets
Creator of the Hitting.Com hitting system
Manager of the Caracas Leones, Champions in 2009-2010 Venezuelan Winter League


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