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Batting Practice Without the Ball

Read what the Pro's say about the RBI Pro Swing!


Hear what the Pro's

have to say!


The RBI Pro Swing has been tried and tested by some of the finest players in baseball.  Read their quotes and watch their instructional videos.


Joe Brockhoff on the RBI Pro Swing - Tulane University Hall of Fame Coach

"I have been involved in baseball for many, many years, as a former professional player with the New York Yankee organization, and coach of youth, high school, and college baseball.  And after producing a complete hitting program titled The Super 8 Hitting System, which has been very well received throughout the country, and around the world.  It has been proven to me there are many ways that people learn baseball skills:


First:  Words (what we hear)

Second:  Visual (seeing examples of correct skills)

And third:  Getting the feeling for the correct action.  (This is most important). The RBI Pro Swing does exactly this.  It helps the hitter get the �feel� for the right action and gain an understanding of the best technique for hitting a baseball.


The best teaching products in baseball are those that not only teach the hitter proper mechanics, but they also teach how to build the habit of getting it right.


There is an old saying, "Practice makes perfect."  But practice doesn�t always make perfect.    Practice makes permanent.  Therefore, imperfect  practice will never be productive practice.  The RBI Pro Swing guides the hitter to develop the perfect stroke.  It helps him get the �feeling� for the proper action and produce �perfect practice.�  The RBI Pro Swing therefore becomes a good friend, always there to be used over and over again to build good habits.


I recommend having a hitting practice schedule that includes the RBI Pro Swing on a regular basis, knowing that using it properly will improve hitting by getting the feeling for the proper stroke, and developing good habits by using it repeatedly.

Rusty Greer - Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

"With its dual purpose of a swing trainer and on deck weight, there is no better tool for getting loose in the on deck circle while you continue to train yourself just before stepping into the batter's box."


"If you want immediate feedback on your swing path, the RBI Pro Swing is the best tool I have used."

Rusty Greer's 3 Hitting Drills

Kevin Long - Yankees Hitting Coach

"I received great feedback from the players on the RBI Pro Swing device.  The most common response was pointing out the added feature helping their swing as opposed to just an ordinary donut."


Luis Ortiz - Former MLB Player, Owner/Instructor of Swing City


�As I try to help develop the hitting potential of both novice and advanced hitters, one thing that I want them to understand is the meaning of bat head awareness."


"Knowing where the barrel is at all times is paramount for becoming a consistent and productive hitter. Looking for easier ways to teach my hitters, I came across the RBI Pro Swing."


"With the RBI Pro Swing, you do not need to use often confusing semantics; all you need to do is to tell your hitter to listen to where the barrel is. It is that simple.�


Dave Hudgens - Former MLB Player

"The RBI Pro Swing is a valuable tool for any hitter at any level, the RBI Pro Swing gives immediate feedback if your swing is taking the correct path to the ball and also give you feedback when the swing is improper. You can use this device in your overload training also as it will give you the feel you need to improve bat speed and angle to the ball.
I would recommend this product to any player at any level."


Dave Hudgens, Field Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians, Creator of the Hitting.Com hitting system and Manager of the Caracas Leones, Champions in 2009-2010 Venezuelan Winter League.


Gerardo Canela - Astoria Sports Complex Hitting Instructor

"I love that the RBI Pro Swing has 3 hitting drills to start with, and all of them stick to the fundamentals of baseball. Kids get distracted by the other products but with the RBI Pro Swing the 'distraction' promotes the correct swing."


Larry Hoard - All Star Coach

"The RBI Pro Swing is not just a good warm up device, it is also a great training aid off the field. We use it at our practices AND at games where the players are able to further reinforce their swing positioning even in the on deck circle. This not only increases our hits, it makes them solid as well. I would recommend this for all little league teams."


"Great tool for all ages, it helps with hand speed and getting the bat in the best position upon IMPACT. We use it for both training and warming up on deck."


Joey Hale - All-Star Majors Head Coach, Goodlettsville TN

"In 2008, our 11-12 year olds blasted 79 balls out of the ballpark. This year the number of homeruns increased to 91!"


"The RBI pro Swing is an excellent tool to help develop a better swing with results you can see in the batter's box."


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