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RUSTY GREER - Former MLB TX Ranger

.305 Career Hitter

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Batting Practice Without the Ball

Improve your Softball or Baseball hitting averages and power with the RBI Pro Swing!



  • Learn a More Compact Swing

  • Develop Quick Hands

  • Generate More Hitting Power

  • Develops Muscle Memory

  • Groove Inside Swing Path

  • Get Immediate Feedback


The RBI Pro Swing is also the perfect on deck weight for warming up prior to hitting.





The Secret in Your Swing!

Keep it Compact.

The RBI Pro Swing helps you put your wrist, power, arm and body behind your swing.

Your stored energy is contained in the chamber and released with a quick "SWISH".

This means a smooth, level and energetic swing.  The result is good swing path, quick hands and muscle memory.

Read More about how the RBI Pro Swing Works

The RBI Pro Swing helps players of all levels improve their swing and hitting power.

Little League Players          Pro and Semi-Pro Baseball          Fast Pitch Softball

Collegiate Baseball Players            Slow Pitch Softball                       Girls Softball    


Watch our Hitting Drills Video with Texas Ranger's Hall of Famer, Rusty Greer

Hitter's Training Aid for Softball and Baseball Coaches

If you coach a softball team, baseball team or Little League, the RBI Pro Swing is like having your own hitting coach on staff.  By using the simple drills outlined in our videos, players get input with each and every practice swing and learn to groove consistent inside swing path to the ball and a more powerful swing.  It's batting practice that requires no ball and the perfect on deck hitting weight in one.

Give your baseball or softball team the hitter's edge and more confidence with every at bat.

Wholesale Inquiries Welcome

If you own a batting cage, sporting goods store or any business with a focus on softball or baseball, we invite you to contact us to explore offering the RBI Pro Swing for sale at your business.  Batting cages are the perfect outlet for our hitting training aids.  Softball and baseball hitters are at the batters cage to improve their power and consistency, and that is exactly what the RBI Pro Swing does.

For Little Leagues, Softball Leagues and Professional teams looking to purchase 10 or more Pro Swings, call us for discount pricing.


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RBI Pro Swing has helped baseball and softball players across the US including in:

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