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RUSTY GREER - Former MLB TX Ranger

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Batting Practice Without the Ball

How to Use the RBI Pro Swing!


Easy Application

Fits ALL baseball and softball bats

Let SHOT load in ready stance

Take Inside Swing Path to Ball

Hear the "SWISH" at "impact"

Generate More Power!


Discover Bat Lag to Contact

More Power, More Control


Body generated power.  Hands and arms are tight as hitter steps and rotates toward pitch.  As arms are being thrown through the zone, the shot is still located at the bottom of the chamber.


At point of impact, hands and body uncoil quickly to transfer maximum energy to the ball.  The transfer of energy is illustrated through the SWISH or POP of the shot as it travels through the RBI Pro Swing chambers.

9oz RED


Recommended for

Ages 7-12


For beginners, the lighter weight allows players to learn better bat control and getting more POP from their swing.

12oz CLEAR


Recommended for

Ages 13-15


Once the concept of the "inside path to the ball" is more understood, players can focus on more muscle memory with their swing.

16oz BLUE


Recommended for

Ages 16+


For the advanced users and strength, the 16oz builds more strength and quickness.  Weight acts through centrifugal force to pull the hands through the zone even quicker.

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