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Batting Coaching: The Importance of Teaching Progression

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As coaches, sometimes it may be difficult to get into the right process of hitting instruction. You may understand the mechanics, but getting that message across to players can be hard. 

How do you put it all together?

Troy Silva of Rijo Athletics and author of "9 Innings of Hitting" shares with coaches the importance of learning to string all aspects of hitting instruction together into a set progression. This is the video supplement to Chapter 8 in his book.

Topics Covered:

1.There's Always Something to Improve

-At some point basic mechanics have been learned and players get bored.

-Some coaches don't know how to instruct players beyond basic mechanics and become stagnant.

-The key is to focus on something--one tweak or improvement to push to get better at.

2. Consistency In Training

-Players have to be able to hit in season  and off season.

-Players may lose focus because of playing different sports or taking tie off for different things.

-Maintaining focus and consistency in training will yield a more consistent hitter year round for better results once the season hits.

3. Approach to Hitting Training

-Practice should be tailored to hitters strengths and weaknesses.

-Working on a weakness or opportunity should be done during each session.

-A team approach to training is not optimal. Not every hitter has the same needs.

-Team training makes hitting too easy. Each player should be challenged individually.

4. In Game Hitting Instruction Should Be Avoided

-The game isn't a time fore technical instruction while the batter is in the box. 

-Yelling technical instructions while a player is at bat won't fix anything. It will only overwhelm the player.

-Focus more of the mental aspects of the game while players are at bat rather than the technical.

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